Spring is just around the corner and we could not be more excited! Babes, there are so many cute new trends that are coming in this year and we’re so ready for the ones that are making their appearance this season. Yep, we’re officially ditching our winter jackets and trading them in for an adorable rain jacket! But first, we need to make the transition from winter fashion into spring!

Layer lightly

The arrival of spring doesn’t only bring beautiful flowers, but warmer weather too! When the sun comes out, you might be ready to ditch all those layers you’ve piled on during the winter, but babe! Keep layering, just layer lightly! There are still those odd days, especially in Alberta, where the temperature dips belong 0˚C and you’ll be scrambling for your winter clothes again. There are so many ways to layer lightly while looking cute! While it’s not a bad idea to keep your favourite sweater in your closet for those chilly evenings spent outside, a pretty kimono will complete your look! 

Add that pop of colour

It’s so easy to wear neutral colours during winter! After all, fashion often reflects the weather and it’s better to be bundled in a warm coat than to be too cold. Spring is the perfect season to try being bold! There are so many bright colours coming in this season that can be experimented with, from the coral pinks to the softer blues. Not to mention, a pretty floral print will certainly brighten up any outfit. Are you a casual kind of gal, but want to try a bolder print? Plenty of our blouses are absolutely nailing that and you’ll still feel comfortable wearing it! 

Keep your winter basics

The idea of packing up all your winter clothes into a box then shoving it into the closet might seem freeing but keeping some of those winter basics wouldn’t be such a bad idea! A plain white tee or graphic tank will never go out of style, no matter the season. These typically make up your core wardrobe and are pieces you’ll want to keep season to season! So, maybe you won’t be wearing oversized sweaters in the Spring, but your basic tee is perfect for rockin’ that jean jacket you couldn’t wear in the winter. 

Babes, let us know what tips you have to make the transition from winter to spring easier!

xo, The Elle’s Closet Team.


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