About Us

Hey babes!

My name is Michelle Bishop and I am the owner of Elle's Boutique! I am also a mother to two crazy, sweet, and amazing little girls. Gabrielle Devon is 9 and Gemma Annelle is 7. I am a wife to my wonderful husband of 11 years, Colby. He just so happened to join the Elle's Team in March 2020, He just couldn't stay away from me! Colby was the OG Warehouse Manager and now has been promoted to Head of the Smart-Ass Department and takes the lead roll in most of our Elle's infomercials! But really, he's pretty cool. 

 Things that set my soul on fire include: shopping (obvi), wine (Gray Monk's Pinot Gris if we're being specific), running, and spending time with my crazy little family.

My dream of owning a boutique became a reality in December of 2013. It has been such a tough and rewarding experience! I truly love my job and being able to bring the newest fashion and trends to all my wonderful customers.

In 2014 we opened our first store in the small town of Athabasca, Alberta! We chose to call that home for the next 6 years and the support we received was unbelievable! Athabasca had been the small town I brought my babies into and I am forever thankful for the amazing opportunities I have experienced when we made this our home.

 I never expected this little   dream of mine to   become as big as it   has,   but in 2021, we decided to   expand. We have now   opened up our warehouse   and 2nd storefront and   joined the St. Albert   community! 


 We hope you truly enjoy your shopping experience at Elle's Boutique. It's our   goal to be inclusive to everyone and everyBODY and give you simple ideas of   how to style your every day looks. As a busy mom, I don't have time for fussy   outfits but I do enjoy putting a fun look together for the day! Please tag   #ellesboutique so we can see how you style your OOTD!


 Cheers lovelies,


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