Gren and Black Tie-Dye Sweater / Pink and Blue Tie-Dye Loungeset

If there's one thing many people may not know about the fashion industry, it's that it is about prediction. If you don't remember, a few months ago, we mentioned the styles of the 1970s were making a return and we were right!

We just underestimated how much you would be loving the tie-dye.

And really, we can't blame you!

However, if you're like us and even the tiniest bit curious as to where tie-dye originated or why it's become so popular, then we've got you covered. We took to Google and dived into its history, which we were a little surprised to learn dates back hundreds of years!

Despite the late 1960s and early 1970s popularizing the style through the likes of Janis Joplin and Joe Cocker, the concept of tie-dye goes all the way back to ancient Asia. While the use of chemicals and special dye is more common, in those ancient days, berries and flowers were placed in boiling water and used to colour the fabrics. The traditional form of tightly gathering the cloth to create intricate designs continues to be used today in places such as India, Japan, and Indonesia.

You may have also created your own tie-dye tee this way as a child or with your children!

So, why has it become such a popular style in 2020?

We hate to say it, but we have quarantine to thank for that. While the trend was already making a comeback this year, the arrival of COVID-19 sped that up. With so many people required to stay at home, babes were looking for comfy loungewear and found it in the form of the cutest tie-dye sets! Not to mention, DIY tie-dying has become a fun way to add some flair into your wardrobe!

And we totally get it, everyone's craving a style that offers a little bit of freedom and colour!

It's one of the many reasons we love the style. For us, it's a classic print that is timeless. Every single time we get a cute tie-dye set, the colours instantly brighten up the shop and make us smile. And we're not the only ones! In the midst of a global pandemic, a little bit of cheerfulness is certainly something we all need!

Let us know what colour palettes of the trend are your favourites! Do you prefer the classic black and white style, or the bright blues and pinks?

And not to brag, or anything, but we think our tie-dye collection is one of the best πŸ˜‰

xo, The Elle’s Closet Team.


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