We're only two and a half months into 2020 and already the newest trends for the year are making their appearance! Babes, can we just say that we are so ready for the pretty colours and patterns coming in? While 2019 brought us plenty of knit tanks and stunning slip dresses, 2020 promises to be just a little bit bolder!

The 1970s

It’s definitely not uncommon for particular decades’ fashion to resurface and this time the 1970s are calling and she wants her styles back! Unfortunately, she’s out of luck because we’re absolutely keeping them! Fashion of the early 1970s drew a lot of inspiration from the 60s, where tie-dye tees, maxi dresses, and bell-bottom jeans were quite popular. As the decade moved toward the 1980s, styles became more casual with kimonos, loafers, and jumpsuits dominating the fashion scene. This mixture of styles is making a comeback this year! Already, we have some of the cutest jumpsuits and tie-dye styles at the shop and we are absolutely in love!

One with nature

We love being out in the fresh air, especially when we’re off travelling to new places. We also love when nature inspires fashion! While neutral earth tones may not be prominent during spring and summer, you are going to see a lot of floral and animal print. Babes, monochrome and minimalism style isn’t in the agenda for this year! It’s all about being bold and experimenting with different patterns! Also tying into the 70s style, our adorable new loafers are perfectly in tune with nature!  

Shades of Blue

Since 2000, the Pantone Color Institute has released a new colour each year which they believe will be the most influential colour in the upcoming year. To start off a new decade, Pantone has announced PANTONE 19-4052 or Classic Blue to be their pick for 2020’s “Color of the Year.” Blue is often considered to be a calming colour and is meant to bring a sense of tranquillity to those feeling restless. This particular shade of blue also “fosters resilience”, which is an idea we, as boss babes, can definitely get behind! Our current favourite shades of blue? The Vibration Studio Tank and Adios Tee!

It’s all in the details

The bold style of the statement sleeve dates back to the late 18th century in the form of pagoda sleeves before evolving into more tempered styles: The Bishop and balloon sleeves. The oversized sleeve creates a pretty silhouette on whoever is wearing it and if you’re not entirely into the dramatic of this sleeve, don’t worry! The style can be softened by a pretty ruffle and even having a lace cover might be able to change your mind! How beautiful is this blouse from Dex? It has the perfect blend of elegance and dramatic.

So, babes, which 2020 trend is the one you can’t wait to rock?

xo, The Elle’s Closet Team.

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