We know, trying every year to find that perfect gift is no easy task! This is why I have put together a small and easy gift buying guide. Feel free to crack open a beer, or pour a drink while you sift through a ton of fabulous ideas! All of which are quite easy on the wallet! If your lady, friend, mom or sister is anything even remotely like me. These will all set her heart on fire and Ill tell  you a little about them too!

1.) Jewelry!

Now, I don't mean break the bank, super fancy jewels that rarely get pulled out of their pretty little box. I mean everyday pieces that she gets to enjoy all the time! Like our Eliasz and Ella jewelry. This stuff is actually made local right in Edmonton Alberta. I have met the husband and wife team that created this line and they are AMAZING people! It makes me so happy to know I am supporting a local couples dream when I sell these pieces. And they are totally affordable, on trend and great quality! Winner!!


Bracelets are $30 and earrings vary from $28-$33. She will love these!

Another Local jewelry company that we love is Lover's Tempo, and by local I mean  neighbour. This company is based out of Vancouver, BC. The jewelry again, is affordable and so dainty! They have a huge selection and I seriously can not keep this stuff stocked. It is so easy to wear! Definitely a big favourite!


2.) Candles and Bath Salts

I love love love a hot bath with some salts and candles! These Coal and Canary Candles are made in Winnipeg, MB. They smell like heaven and are completely chemical free. They are made of Soy and Vegetable wax and use a wood burning wick so they actually crackle and snap while burning! Say what???? 

We also carry locally made soaps and bath salts.Deep in the Trees Soap Co. is out of Ghost Lake alberta and we are so thrilled and honoured to carry this locally made, clean line!


3.) Scarves and beanies! Who doesn't love scarves? I like to keep a few extra blanket scarves in my car for my kids if they get cold. They can jazz up any plain outfit, and obviously work wonders for our chilly canadian winters! 

We love our scarves are from Hook Design & Co. They are a canadian company as well. These scarves are completely stunning and easy to see the craftsmanship put into them.

We have scarves from Jackson Rowe, which too is a canadian company. The scarf shown is the cloud and literally that is exactly what I would imagine a cloud to feel like!

We have a few different brands of beanies, a very hot seller is our C'est Moi real fur pom beanie! They are super cute on and come in a few different colour options!



4.) S'well Bottles. I don't know to many people who would be disappointed to find a S'well bottle under the tree. These bottles keep liquids cold for 24hrs and hot for 12hrs! AND....they legit work! yes indeed! Also fun fact, the bigger bottle holds an entire bottle of wine. You're welcome


4.) Beauty product/Makeup! Beauty Kissed by Kelly sells her fave make up and beauty products right here in the shop. She recently brought in a new line called Oribe and it is AHHHHHHH-MAZZING! For real. The Gold mask is insane and when I become as rich as Oprah, Imma give out gold masks to every body! Another huge fave of mine is the make up eraser. This is one of those things that I rolled my eyes at. Removes make up with just water and this cloth. Mmmm-hmmmm sure. But yes, indeed it does. Every make up wearing lady NEEDS this! And how cute and festive is that packaging? So good! Also I have included the new Elate lipstick. These are so easy to wear and with beeswax in them they actually make your lips feel soft and hydrated. Elate is another canadian and clean company! Our fave!


 5.) Purses/Bags. Every lady loves a purse or bag! I personally am more of a wallet/crossbody gal myself. I am crazy for these new CoLab bags we just recently brought in. They feel expensive, are very well organized (even fitting my large iPhone 8+ so that makes me happy. Best part, they are very affordable! Ranging from $25-$50 for cross body bags.


6.) Lemon loungeware is also a great gift for under the tree. The slippers are so warm and cozy she will never want to take them off! Not to mention they are super adorable!



7.) Winter Kimonos/Ponchos! Yassss....these super soft and beautiful ponchos from Gentle Fawn are one size! No worrying about the right size and they are totally on trend so your lady will be super impressed!


8.) PJ's!! We have the most adorable pyjamas from Orb clothing. Now these are a little trickier as they are sized but be creative, sneak into her closet and check out her tags for sizing. Everyone loves new cozy pjs!


9.) House of Koopslie is and Edmonton brand that we love so much! The headbands are beautiful and there is so many ways to wear them. Everything comes in 2 sizes making it super easy to judge which to buy. It is all made of bamboo so its incredibly soft and durable. The tops can be worn so many different ways, as can the bum warmers. Anything from this local one would be a hit!



10.) And last but not least, a GIFT CARD! Seriously who doesn't love a gift card? My personal fave, a gift card wrapped with wine and chocolate. Thank you, I love you, you win best gift ever! Thats just me, just a hint :)




Hope this helps make your holiday gift buying a little less stressful this season! 

Happy shopping and Happy Holidays

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  • Jen : December 07, 2017
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    Such great picks!! These would all be so perfect if found any of them under my tree!!

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