Who Run The World? GIRLS!

This is what was boldly written across mine and Kaity's coffee mugs the other morning and it really got me thinking, girls can and really do run the world. I love this song, I love this female empowerment and mostly; I just love Babes supporting Babes. I am so blessed to work daily with some incredibly talented women.

I have a makeup artist that works out of the shop, Kelly from Beauty Kissed by Kelly. She is a mom of 2, about to be 3 and that girl never stops. She does the makeup for our photoshoots and is so talented. She is kindhearted and always ready to help me with my million and one questions.

Alysia Semrok is a local photographer that does photoshoots for the shop. She too is a working mama, she is so passionate about her work and it clearly shines in her photography.

Karen Harps is a local soap maker that sells her creations out of the shop, again she is a working mama of twins with a heart of pure gold. Always ready to lend ahand and an ear!

Then of course I have Kaity, even though this young girl has only been with me a short time she has already proved herself to be the yin to my yang, the Christina to my Meredith, the Taco to my Tuesday, ya get where Im going with this. She is my other half at work, I would be lost without her help and encouragement.

I just recently hired Leah and the lady has a heart of gold and over the short few weeks she has been working with us, she has shown how loyal and hardworking she is. Anyways, the point to me listing off my wonderful tribe of ladies, is that we all BUILD EACHOTHER UP!! It is a beautiful thing when women not only come together as friends but also work to help each other reach for our dreams.

"Behind every
successful woman
is a tribe of other successful women,
who have her back."

So ladies, lets remember to always be kind to each other, to support and rally for each other. Being a girl is a wonderful, amazing thing. Being a girl who makes other girls feel good about themselves, that is just pure gold. 

Love your sisters, love your tribe, love yourself!


xo, Michelle


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