Summer is one of our favourite season of the year. The warm weather, the easy days on the beach, and the gentle breezes of the evening - there’s so much to look forward to, including putting together some of the cutest outfits!

those beach days

This is what we look forward to all year! After making it through the cold winter months, we all need a little time to relax in the sun. With the soft sand warming our toes, you need to find the perfect outfit that is easy to slip off when you’re ready for a dip in the water! We’re always reaching for our strapless tops and dresses, which are so convenient to wear over your bathing suit. Not to mention, they’re always so light and airy! And maybe you don’t want to wear your white shorts to the beach, which: valid, but any of your favourite shorts will do the trick! Just make sure to dry off before sliding those denim ones back on!


lunch with the gals

If you’re like us, lunch with the gals often translates into snapping a pic for Instagram. Not only is preserving the memory of the moment important, but if your outfit is cute, you just have to show it off! There’s no need to make your outfit too complicated and while a simple outfit will suffice, sometimes it’s just fun to dress up a little. Our favourite lunch look? A playful tulle skirt with a colourful top! By balancing such a bright top with a neutral coloured skirt, the outfit looks cohesive and still casual. This look will also work for a more formal summer function - like a wedding, just pair your pretty skirt with a slightly dressier top! You can also switch it up a bit by pairing a colourful skirt with a neutral top, it’s all about balance!


an evening out

While we won’t be attending any late-night festivals this year, there’s still the off chance we might have an evening function to go to. Whether it’s a romantic dinner with your partner or you’re merely going out for an evening stroll, sometimes you need to look chic and yet be comfortable. Our go-to outfit is always a black ensemble! Not only is it a striking look, it allows you to wear shoes with a bold print or a dash of red on your lips. You can keep it simple with a pair of black jeans (we always recommend the Isbisters!) and a light feminine top. Wear it off the shoulder for a more sultry look!



cozy at home

Those rainy summer days are definitely for lounging around at home! When the weather is dreary, there’s nothing better than curling up underneath a cozy blanket and watching a film with your loved ones. Of course, you’ve got to be comfy while doing so! Some of our favourite lounge styles are our tie-dye sets that keep flying out the door! These beautiful sets aren’t just comfortable, but they’re also so colourful which will brighten anyone’s day. It’s such a fun look to play around with, as well, since the patterns are never the same. Plus, they’re just so darn cute!



Which summer look is your favourite?
xo. The Elle's Closet Team


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