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The Thin Adorn Satin Scrunchie

Designer: Chelsea King

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Our hair goes through a lot during the day, and that continues as we toss and turn while sleeping. Satin contributes to healthy hair by reducing and preventing frizz, tangles, kinking and breakage. Did you know satins also do a better job of maintaining your hair’s moisture and natural oils? 

Our Adorn Sleep Satin offers a more traditional satin look and feel with its sheen and smoothness. 

For those looking for the benefits of satin, but need to reduce the potential for slippage, we recommend our micro-textured Eco Satin Sleep collection.

NOTE:  Due to the delicate nature of this satin, it will take on a distressed appearance. This does not diminish its quality, performance or look in the hair.

Material: 100% Satin OEKO-TEX® certified
Elastic:  Made of GOTS Certified Organic Cotton and natural rubber, our proprietary, special blend elastics are designed for best hold and comfort - and Protect your hair with perfect hold.™